Force 2012 - The Ancient Cycle of Time...and your place in it
      The Secret Within the Year 2012
The secret is awareness.  Yes, it's the awareness of why this period of time is so important, but it's much more than just a date on a calendar or, for that matter, what kind of mystical calendar it represents.
The secret begins with who we are.  It's not just about who we are as a group, but even more importantly, it begins with who we are as individuals.  It's easiest for me to explain what I mean by providing you with the following description.
Who I am, as an individual, is a state of awareness or, if you will, a state of consciousness.  Some folks like to use the term "soul" when describing this state of conciousness, but because the term "soul" has taken on various connotations over the millenia, I'd like to use "state of consciousness" for the purpose of this explanation.
Who I am as I type this message is a state of conscious awareness.  This state of consciousness is aware that your state of consciousness is reading and hearing what I'm saying at this particular moment.  This state of consciousness of mine has a bank of memories that have been accumulating during my physical lifetime.  Some of those memories include periods of time when my state of conscious awareness was far beyond my physical existence.  If you've read some of the Force 2012 website pages("Beyond Time", "Future Vision" and "Into the Mystical") you have a sense of what I'm talking about. 
This conscious state of awareness of mine is totally at peace with the knowledge that who I truly am will never die.  Who I really am is forever.  I fully know that when this particular physical body of mine ceases to exist, who I really am(my state of conscious awareness) will continue on into a tremendously more magnificent existence.  That state of existence is where I came from when I was born into this physical world.
Prior to arriving here in this physical universe I was connected in a fully conscious way with the Divine.  You can call that Divine presence God, Spirit, Allah, Sugmad etc.  It matters not what label one puts on it.  It matters only that you, I, and everyone, as a single unit of conscious awareness, chooses the precise time they are born into this physical existence.  This physical universe has a rhythm to it.  Actually it has a number of different rhythms.  Some of those rhythms are connected with our particular solar system.  That rhythm, in many respects, represents what we see in astrology.  The rhythm represented in the Force 2012 system is galactic in nature.  It's on a cycle connected with the equatorial position of our solar system within the Milky Way galaxy.
That equatorial alignment only occurs once every 13,000 years and it only occurs once every 26,000 years when you take into consideration the same directional movement.  The Mayan calendar talked about in today's conversation only reprents approximately one fourth of the long cycle. 
But the important thing is this.  Who I am, as an individual, chose this particular point in time to be alive.  I not only chose this period of time to live, I chose a particular point in time to be born just as you chose a particular point in time to be born.  Those particular points in time offer certain emotional and mental characteristics that we'll live with in this life.  Some of those characteristics are defined by astrological influences, but a much broader definition can be found in the grand cycle of time; the cycle of time found in the Force 2012 system.  But not only did I, as a state of consciousness, chose what time to be born, I chose the parents and family who would be nuturing me just as you chose your parents, family and community.  Just as my parent's particular characteristics influenced me as I was growing up, and to some extent, still influence me today, your family and environment influenced you.
And I made all these choices within the full and complete connection with the Divine Presence.  And my friends, so have you.  That is the secret.  It is the secret of the universe.  It is the secret that you, as a state of consciousness, will carry with you when your time in the physical comes to an end.  You will be totally and fully consious of yourself, as Soul, when you merge into the heart of God.  As a single unit of conscious awareness, you may choose to stay in one of the many magnificent realms of the heavenly worlds, or you may choose to once again, return into the physical world or some less than perfect state of existence to better perfect yourself as a state of conscious awareness.  And all the choices you make will be made while in full awarness of the infinite Love of the Divine.
When individuals return to the physical from what is called a Near Death Experience, they often do so with a pretty clear memory of the infinite Love and Light of that Divine presence.  Individuals also return from such experiences with some inkling of greater truths.  I've had such experiences; even more than I've outlined in these pages.   I want very much to help people become aware of a greater, grander cycle of time, but more than that I would like help folks understand their true selves; their selves that have always been at the core of their conscious awareness. 
In December of 2012, our world and solar system will be leaving one side of the equatorial existence and moving into the other side.  As the sun moves from the southern to northern side of the earth, we move from winter to spring.  Our day to day environment warms, trees bud, and flowers begin to bloom.  So too will our world and our collective state of consciousness.  We start to become aware of long frozen concepts and truths.  Seeds of truth long dormant in our individual consciosnesses begin to sprout and a vast landscape begins to emerge.  Fear begins to melt and from the nourishing trickles it provides, new life appears.  Knowing who you really are can be the first step in the magnificent journey.
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