Force 2012 - The Ancient Cycle of Time...and your place in it
The  King's  Queen
by  Joe Homsey
You are my Queen.   I look to you not as a servant looks to his Queen, but as a King looks to his Queen.   I'll give you all the honor, the respect, the kindness, and the admiration that your finest servant can furnish.  And as King, I shall bestow upon you gifts than no servant can.    All in the Kingdom shall see the gold, jewelry, and finery, a royal castle, and trips to distant lands...
But very few shall see the most precious gift of all...
...the Love
Love to weld all these gifts into the finest kingdom on earth
Love more than you can hold so it flows to all you touch
Love to make the Prince a King...
                          the Princess a Queen
Love only a King can give...
Love, a King can give, only to his Queen
copyright 1983
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