Force 2012 - The Ancient Cycle of Time...and your place in it
This story is an account of an amazing venture into the future that came about by what I, years later, came to know as a Near Death Experience.  Although I wasn't physically near death at the time, I experienced all the earmarks of a classic Near Death Experience, including leaving my physical body and traveling at tremendous speeds through a variety of mystical dimensions.
A Window in Time
Joe Homsey 
The cold March rain dripped steadily off the back porch awning as I ran water for my morning coffee.  Through the kitchen window I could see streaks of snow across the muddy back yard.  Where the yard ended and the dark gray bark of maple trees along the hillside took over, the snow still covered all the land.

The phone rang.  Setting down the coffee pot, I reached for the phone.  "Hello." I said.

"You wanna meet for lunch?" Jim asked without even bothering to say hello.

"Sure," I replied.  "Anything to get me out and away from the boredom."  We exchanged a few more words and hung up.  I put the coffee pot on the stove, grabbed a quick shower, put on a sweatshirt, poured myself a cup of coffee, and sat down to read a couple chapters from an Eric Von Daniken book I had just picked up the day before.

A couple hours later, I put on a rainproof windbreaker and headed for town.  When I arrived at Charlie's Lounge, Jim was already there.  "What's the special?," I asked the bartender. 

"Burger and fries," he said.

"Good enough for me," I replied.  "Put some cheese on it too."

Jim looked over and smiled.  "You wanna beer?"

"Ah, it"s a little early for that"  I said.

"Come on, one with lunch won't hurt you."  he said.  "Get him a draught," he said to the bartender.  Jim was a road construction worker who hadn't been working for the past couple weeks due to the incessant rain.  I'd known him since we were kids.  His boredom wasn't as intense as mine, but the cold, dreary rain was getting a lot of people down in this tiny Pennsylvania railroad town.  It was a tough little town along the edge of the Allegheny Mountains in central Pennsylvania.  The heart of Appalachia was just a few minutes away.  The Vietnam War was just winding down and Watergate was front page news every day.  Life, like the weather, was bleak.

A month earlier I had finished a two year stint as a Military Policeman in Germany.   I was accustomed to the excitement of constant stimulation.  As a policeman I had weathered the drama and tragedy of the Munich Olympics, witnessed first hand the violence of the militant Baader-Meinhof Gang, and while wearing the white hat of law enforcement, had been front and center in the unpredictable and dangerous world of heroin addiction.

"Okay, I'll sip on a beer,"  I said to the bartender.

Jim smiled.  When I looked in his direction I could see a couple guys playing a game of pool.  Immediately my radar went off.  Two brothers were playing a game of eightball.  One of the brothers was a year older than me, and had been a superb football player.  The other brother was a year younger than me and had always been a bit of a troublemaker.  And, he was drunk!  It just past noon and he was drunker than a skunk.

Several years earlier, I had been in an all out fight with the younger one.  I had knocked him down and was on top of him, pounding the living daylights out of him when someone pulled me off. 

Here he was again.  Drunk, and this time with his older brother, who it appeared he was going to try and impress.  He was staring at me.  His face was getting red.

I could feel my adrenalin surging.  Every drop of testosterone in my body was lit up.  The two years in the military had added 30 pounds of muscle to my body.  I had been trained in judo and self defense techniques.  I was capable of putting anyone into submission in seconds.  I was ready!

To avoid initiating any confrontation and to maintain my focus, I chose to gaze at the cue ball(the all white pool ball) as it bounded around the pool table.  A moment went by, then two.  I kept my focus on the cue ball.  I began developing a slightly different mind set.  I clearly remembering saying to myself, "I choose to not allow my emotions to dictate my actions.  I choose to just stay focused on the neutral cue ball."

Then BOOM, it happened.  Suddenly, without warning, my entire state of consciousness shot directly out of the top of my head.  Everything I knew to be me was traveling at a tremendous rate of speed, and accelerating by the second.  At first I seemed to have shot through a tunnel like zone, then into a brightly lit world.  I went past cities, land masses, continents, entire worlds. and universes.  I clearly remember seeing a great River.  I remember thinking at the time that it must be the River that St John spoke of in Revelations.  I remember clearly because, at the time, I was a dyed in the wool atheist.

But I didn't stop there.  I just zipped on by.  I saw things and concepts that I just didn't understand, but on I went, going faster and faster and faster.

Just as suddenly as it started, it stopped.  It was immensely clear to me that I was beyond time.  All I had to do was think of a moment in history, and I was there, and I was there in full consciousness.  At that point in my everyday life I was very interested in science fiction.  I was fascinated with the Star Trek TV series.  Traveling into the future was a fantasy of mine.

And now, all I had to do was focus on the future, and presto, off I went.  I saw everything.  And I mean e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.  The scenes, just like a real life events, just unfurled before me.  The drama and impact of those scenes rattled me.  It rattled me to the core.  Among other things I saw a period of significant earthquakes and volcanos that altered the earth's landscape.  There would be visitors from other worlds; some benevolent, some not so benevolent.  I also saw geo-political changes as well.  As I was seeing these things I was made aware that the future, as I was seeing it, was not set in stone.  I learned that the efforts made by individuals to improve their awareness and consciousness could and would affect how the future would unfold.  Events as I've seen them transpire over the past four decades have borne that out.

After what seemed like a couple hours, I clearly remember saying to myself, "Little Joe Homsey from Bellwood, Pennsylvania does not need to know all this stuff."  Almost immediately, I was on some kind of parachute.  I was drifting slowly down, down, down.  I was still in full memory of all that I had seen. 

"I really don't need to know all this stuff," I said again to no one in particular.

Suddenly, a deep male voice said, "You've earned this!"

I protested a bit.  "This is just too much.  This is just way too much detail.  Can't I exchange it for something?"

The deep voice said, "Yes, you can, if you wish."

At that moment, I was provided with a clear understanding of nature of cancer.   It was made clear as cyrstal to my awareness that the cancer that occurs in human bodies has a remarkably similar parallel in tooth decay.  I was also showed that tooth decay left untreated can leach a poisonous substance into the rest of the body where it can someday be activated when certain combinations of chemicals present and not present provide a fertile environment for it to spread.  Some of what I had seen in the future was removed from my conscious memory in exchange for this health related information.  With respect to the future events I saw that day, I still remember aspects of what I saw, but they're almost like headlines or crib notes, or brief movie previews.  The details aren't there...not like they were at that moment.

I continued to drift slowly down, down, down.  Then, with a slight pop I was back in my  seat at Charlie's Lounge.  I was thunderstruck.  I looked at Jim and asked him how long I had been gone.

"What do you mean, 'gone'?"  he asked. 

"I just had this amazing experience," I said.  "I just want to know how long I was gone."

Jim looked at me strangely.  "You weren't gone at all.  You've just been sitting here staring."

I looked up at the clock on the wall behind the bar.  It was only a couple minutes after I initially had sat down when I had walked in.  Sheepishly, I said, "Well, I guess you're right."

This had been my first real overt out of body experience.  If nothing else, it gave me somber concern to re-look at my views on atheism.  As time went on, I had to acknowledge that who I really was had the ability to exist outside of my physical being.  My concepts of atheism had me believing that life began at birth, lived, then died to never be resurrected or conscious again.  I had felt strongly that my "life" was directly connected with the body I was in; that once the body ceased to function, my life and existence were terminated as well.

That obviously wasn't the case.  I now knew my consciousness was virtually unlimited; that I could experience a wide range of stimuli, beyond what was considered normal, and even far beyond what even the most adventuresome had speculated.  My experience had given me NO indication that any particular religious scripture was valid.  I had seen no bearded and robed deities on golden thrones or anything even remotely similar. 

But I did know that I could exist in realms far beyond the physical.  I knew those realms to be vast.  I was acutely aware that vast insight and information could be accessed.  I knew that beyond those magnificent realms was a place completely beyond time; a place so vast, so unlimited, that it was beyond description and even beyond imagination.

My experience with atheism had taught me one very valuable lesson.  It taught me honesty.  I had learned through experience that if I was honest with everyone and everything around me I would never have to fear being caught in a lie.  People may not have always wanted to hear what I thought or believed, but what they would always know that what I said was forthright.  They knew they could trust me.  I usually didn't have to know someone very long before they discovered that they could confide in me.  They would know that they didn't have to share my beliefs, but they always knew that I wasn't hiding something.

I wasn't honest with others for fear of going to hell if I wasn't.  I was honest with folks because I never had to fear being caught lying.  I was free.  I was free of fear.  I liked that.  Now, it was up to me to come to grips with this new and sudden influx of information.  I needed to adjust what I thought to be honest with myself.
I've been asked on numerous occasions to explain what kind of "crib notes and movie reviews" I remember from my voyage into the future.  That information was so profound, I really didn't reveal any of the details to anyone until just a few years ago. 
The first and most important thing I can say is that the future is NOT SET IN STONE.  The future is little more than a projection of the present.   What we or you or I can do today affects not only our individual futures but the future of mankind and the earth itself.  It's been over 40 years since I had that vision.  Some of the things have already occured.  Some didn't occur and the reason they didn't is that a considerable number of people have raised their individiual consciousness.  A raised consciousness is felt telepathically by those who you come in contact with.   As that affects and alters those you've communed with, it affects those who they've come in contact with and so on. 
But what I can tell you of the "future" I saw back in March of 1973 is this.  The physical Earth and our solar system is moving ever so slowly into a different position within the galaxy.  That movement has been affecting the electromagnetic field that surrounds our planet.  Because the molten core of the earth has lots of iron in it, the molten core has been shifting because of its interaction with the electromagnetic shift.   As the molten core shifts the earth's crust shifts.  Those shifts result in increased volcanos, earthquakes, and climate changes.  
The collective consciousness of the earth's inhabitants is determined in large part by the guiding influences of the most enlightened among us.  Because an increased level of enlightenment has been evolving over recent decades it has strengthened the core of humanity.  That's extremely important because the way things were headed back in 1973, humanity was becoming weakened.   We were vulnerable to exploitation from various sources, including extraterristeral influences.  The strengthening has a lot to do with personal responsibility and accountability.  Nations and cultures that slip into socialistic mediocrity have a way of becoming vulnerable to both inside and outside forces.
We are not out of the woods by any means.  There is still a long row to hoe, but as a nation and as a world we're getting better.  Our vulnerability to extraterristreal invasion has decreased dramatically.    I'm not saying we won't see actual contact with those from other worlds, but we've strengthened enough that a complete takeover won't be part of the mix, and it may come to pass that any future visits could likely bring welcome innovation, technology and philisophical wisdom.

The huge, Huge, HUGE development in the past few years, with respect to what I saw in 1973, is how the medical and oncology fields have come to an understanding that there is cause and effect relationship between tooth decay and cancer. A good friend of mine recently was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer.  He went through a variety of treatment regimens. When his progress continued, doctors wanted him to try an advanced medication for cancer. He was told point blank that the only way he could receive a prescription was if he agreed to have all of his decayed teeth removed or repaired.  Physicians, at least some of the advanced ones, now know that there is a direct cause and effect between tooth decay and cancer!!!

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