Force 2012 - The Ancient Cycle of Time...and your place in it
Founder's  Note
Andrew Coates
The Clock strikes 2012
The shock of electricity raced up and down my leg as the acupuncture pin was inserted. Dr. Lin made a show of applying some force and energy to 'turn on the light'. I pretended to relax and convince myself all was well. But in those moments when one's health and comfort seems in the hands of someone else, I am not relaxed and all is flux.
And so went my taste of acupuncture.   Seventeen years later and I can remember many healing experiences with practitioners of varying ability. Some were talented, some were not. Overall, though, it has been a great series of mini adventures into the systems of healing that abound within our body heart and mind.
If the human condition is like a triangle, each corner can be described as the physical , mental and spiritual. Numbers describe the proportions of each corner of the triangle. This triangle is alive, ever moving and pulsing. The digital readout of length of side, angle and proportion of each side are constantly changing with each other.
This triangle of energy is the fabric which is common to us all. 
The fabric of energy inside you and me is similar. It pulses to a universal time clock. Each change of the second, minute and hourly hands of the clock affect the organs of each person's body. The ripples of energy course through our hearts and mind in a series of 9 cycles which repeat like sets of waves upon the ocean shore.
Your time of birth within the universal clock determines your personality fabric. These cloths of personality are taken in and out of your personal wardrobe. Some of us dress similarly and some of us dress very differently to each other. When you look inside your wardrobe of personality you'll see that there are not so many garments hanging in there.
And so we meet an ancient healing teaching. This study of the numbers behind all things is a foundation stone in the great library of knowledge.
2012 Prophecy
Prophecy and Fortune Telling go hand in hand. We find it entertaining, and alluring yet approach it with a sense of foreboding!
I learned a technique for predicting the future. The technique took many years to acquire. I met with tempered success when I applied the technique like a caveman wields a rough club to defend himself.
I now no longer attempt that technique. When I did see the future it was so precise and I was so obtuse that I could not make use of the information to my benefit. In fact it was a handicap to see a certain event and to await its arrival. So much else passed me by as I waited on a prophetic train station to Nowhere'sville.
The cycle of numbers and it's prophecy is vastly different to my personal attempts at time travel and future vision. Number prophecy describes the exact forces that will apply pressure to the human likes and dislikes. Knowing this grants much understanding of the movements of wants and desires, actions and reactions of the tribes of humanity. It is effective in knowing the buying habits of consumers, arenas of business growth and decay.
Each country has it's own clock with its own cycle of time. From this clock the personality of the culture is formed. And so we can describe the personality of each country and know with exactness the strengths and weaknesses of that tribe. I chuckle when I watch the antics of each culture.
I smile at the French with their emotions and misapplied sense of justice, socialist tendencies and stoic resistance to change. They are a band that supports the larger group with a constant focus on the politic all the while engaging in love affairs as the daily fair.
They produce truly beautiful movies that embrace passion and move the heart. There's little doubt that men worldwide find French women alluring, and women worldwide find the deep voice of a Frenchman irrestistible.
The United States with their pride and arrogance, mischief in business and fun at home and love of children. They are like an adolescent that only sees life as it effects them and no ones else. They get the facts horribly wrong and are deceptive. They are fantastic producers and manufacturers. And they are the worlds worst diplomats. But at home they are great hosts - Food and music are fun in the U.S.A.
Australians are socialists of a different kind. They are great adventurers and terrible whiners. They are challenged by creativity – making them terribly irresponsible with the great innovations that they seed. They deal in fundamentals – so they have a love affair with real estate and mining and ideas at their birth. They are great builders but ordinary architects. They harness their fear in war and make great allies. It is only at the last resort that they draw upon their talents, up until then they lie idle.
The life cycles in our body is governed by a universal clock.
The personality of each person is clothed in personality traits according the exact moment of birth – the universal birth date.
The personality of each country is specific and easily identified too.
It is possible to view the cycles of time and watch these waves hit upon the earths shores. It is possible to watch each culture and  each person respond to these cycles. Can we benefit from this observation?
2012 marks the end and beginning of a new cycle. Eastern numerology identifies the completion of a series of cycles at this time. It does not surprise me that other cultures have projected a calculation of time and cycles to the same date. After all, time is universal and the Universal Time Clock governs all.
I can see and understand the cycles within my life time but I can only speculate upon the effect of the larger cycles outside of my time and their effect upon people and the planet. I think that it is wise to be aware of the affairs effecting the world, but it is prudent to act upon the affairs within one's back yard – lest the grass grow unruly and the crops go in fettered.
The health of the planet is impacted by the individual efforts of each of us. So, better to train one's own children in ways of self improvement realization and impact upon the world in a substantive way.
So, let's teach our children to cultivate their spirits, train their mind and make life real. Life is not experienced remotely via television and internet. Life is experienced through training in the arts, advance of science and medicine, propagation of fresh ideas and philosophy, building of sound institutions, and exploring the depth of the heart and mind. I learned the cycles of universal time by direct experience with them in my body, heart and mind. It took years of training and dedication to catch glimpses of it.
The downside of prophecy is well known to the ancient mystics.
The essence of eastern medicine teaches that it is separation of the heart and mind through fear that is the source of all ill health.
Fostering fear and prophecy does nothing to advance the human spirit. It is a diversion from the real experience of living here and now. It serves to alienate the spirit from the body and separate the individual from the earth.
Correct application of the principles is the key to mastering the ancient knowledge.  Force 2012 is a grand attempt at such.
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