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Example  Profiles
"Accurate personality profile" is what we claim.  Below are some example profiles on well known individuals.   Mitt Romney and Barak Obama don't just have different views on political topics, they are truly different as human beings.  Read on to discover  how it could play out as the years progress. 
In romance, the fortunes of couples that seemed destined for "death do us part" can become unraveled.  Read the side by side comparison examples of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston and see if you can see where romantic perfection took the turn toward disintegration. 
           Mitt Romney
Mitt, without a doubt, is a high energy kind of person.  Not only does he posess high levels of energy, he is highly cerebral.  Different highly intelligent people operate in different ways.  In Mitt's case, his intelligence comes about as the result of his ability to classify and categorize things, situatations, and people.  He has an innate understanding about the strengths and weaknesses of just about anything or anyone he comes in contact with.  Because of his ability to classify and categorize, he tends to be extremely organized.  What is paradoxical about Mitt is that even though he has all the outer appearances of an analytical, aloof kind of person, he also has a highly developed nuturing ability.  In other words, his brain can provide him with the proper direction to proceed, and then he can shift seemlessly into a gentle, nurturing guide, all the while keeping his focus on the long term goal by making sure everything is organized properly to be able to take the project to full fruition.
He has a deep, deep emotional side that no one really understands.  And, by no one, I mean no one; not his family members, not his closest one.  He's operated like this his entire life.  The triggers for this unusual aspect of his personality likely began sometime during adolescence.  With some people, this quality can cause someone to be a bit dreamy and preoccupied with starting projects over and over again.  By the time someone with this character quality reaches age thirty, it's easy to tell if they've mastered the subtle influences it can bring to the table.  A quick look at his life reveals that Mitt has the ability to not only envision how things should be, he has the ability to start projects, organize the effort as it's ongoing, and then nuture it to completion.   To his credit, he has obviously honed this aspect of his character to a high degree.  There are very few projects, regardless of their complexity, for which he couldn't put together a workable plan. 
He operates best in an environment of creativity.  He's extremely quick witted and has a tendency to be quite playful at times.  Generally speaking, he loves children and children love him.  After all, children are often the most creative, playful people in our lives.  Mitt feeds off that energy.  He can go on for what seems like forever with a project because of this youthful nature, but as with all human beings, he will occasionally come to a point where he has to recharge his batteries.  While in the midst of a recharging period, he can be very quiet and reflective...even moody.  Fear not though; these downtimes don't last long.  He gets back to full operational speed in fairly short order.
All in all, the personality characteristics that Mitt holds enable him to be an outstanding leader.  He's a bit of a detailed taskmaster organizing a project, but he's quite capable of following through to make sure projects undertaken can come to completion.
May 2012
Jennifer  Aniston
The most noteworthy aspect of Jennifer's personality is her ability, mentally, to see everything in pictures.  It's almost as if she has a movie screen operating behind her eyes.  She not only sees how things are, she envisions in clear, precise images how things should be and could be.  In this sense, she can be a very precise planner.  Her plans to achieve a goal can be meticulous.  If she doesn't have all the skill and wherewithall to bring a plan to completion, she's more than capable of enlisting the assistance of others to aid in her effort.  Because she sees things so clearly she's able to help others catch her vision.  She projects this quality, in the physcial, with her eyes.  Her eyes can be mesmerizing when she wants something.  When her plans don't come to fruition, she tries even harder.  Those efforts can become troublesome to those she may be trying to sway.
She most likely has a quirky sense of humor that endears her to others.  She's quite skilled at categorizing and classifying things and people.  She has a natural instinct to understand the strengths and weaknesses of people and even inanimate objects.  Once she's made a determination about someone's character, it's very, very difficult for her to change that opinion.  Not even an act of Congress would change her mind. 
She has a warm, nuturing side at times.  It's a quality that she'd like to develop further but it remains just a little beyond her reach in most occasions. However, it doesn't deter her from trying.
She is likely most comfortable in an environment of sound, fundamental nurturing.  That includes sound financial structure as well as sensous interaction.  Her efforts in life will likely surround such goals.  When they're met, she's content.  When they're not, she can be distraught.
Individuals with the profile of Jennifer are often very successful in managment and executive positions.  They make great leaders because of their attention to detail and ability to design long term plans.  In the areas of romance they are most comfortable when in the lead.  They are out of their natural role when they find themselves in a dependent or submissive position. 
        Barack  Obama
Barack is a new ideas kind of person.  Even when he happens upon a really good, solid new idea, his insatiable quest to forage for additional new ideas doesn't cease.  He's sociable to a fault.  He thrives on contact with others and the new fresh ideas they can bring to the table.  His greatest difficulty and biggest challenge will be to concentrate and focus on completing ventures.  For that it will be absolutely necessary for him to have a highly skilled and dedicated support staff to finish what he's started.  Following through with things is not Barak Obama's strongpoint.  Regardless of how good sounding and viable Barack's plans appear to be, actually bringing them to completion will be his administration's greatest challenge.
In a circumstance where George Bush would dismiss someone who wasn't loyal and true, Barack will search for redeeming qualities worth keeping.  His overtures to Hillary Clinton after a heated primary race bear this out.  That is not something George Bush would have done.
Barack has a very, very strong connection to family, both to his birth family and to his marriage family.  Gathering wisdom from life's ventures and bringing it home is a natural trait in him.  Subconsciously, Barack seeks to please family members by bringing home the fruits of his journeys.  This trait can be problematic if the folks he tries to please don't have the country's best interests at heart.  How well Barack can extend his concept of family to the entire nation will determine, in large part, how successful he will be as president.  His decisions and actions may please someone close to his inner circle but those decisions may not be advantageous to the country as a whole.
When confronted with difficult challenges, he will be willing to risk valuable assets and reserves to achieve a desired goal or to fulfill an already made promise.   How carefully he evaluates those risks before making choices will be paramount.  His profile indicates this is an area of concern.  He's aware of its importance, but don't be surprised if he falls victim to the lure of illusion.
Where George Bush may have placed an emphasis on charismatic emotional leadership based on an accumulation of facts and data, Barack will resort to an almost cerebral examination of the landscape in front of him.  His decisions will be based on a nurturing instinct and a highly developed ability to evaluate the strengths and shortcomings of supporters and opponents. 
He has an enormous energy reserve, but, in order to operate at an optimum level, he will need to take the time to recharge his internal batteries through rest and reflection.  If he doesn't, he will likely make some poor decisions.
Jan 2009
Brad  Pitt
This profile indicates a warm, gentle, even tempered person with natural instincts in the area of teaching and fundamental values.  He will work diligently at being creative, spontenous, and artistic.  Although he can achieve some success in these areas, his best attributes lie in his innate abilities of fundamental understanding.  He's extremely developed in the ability to understand the structure of things.  He's virutally unparalled in his ability to instruct others.  This gives him a warm, nuturing quality.  These qualities can be most pronounced in the areas of sensuality and sexuality.  In the back of his mind is an awareness of how financial fundamentals will enable him to grow physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
He will do his best to cultivate the creative side of himself.  Even when he doesn't meet his own expectations in this area, he can hold the posture that he's done so.  He likely has a deep love and affection for music, and with or without encouragement, he can party till sunrise...or later.  This aspect of him can cause concern for those who are close to him, but it's extemely important that anyone trying to alter that behavior would do well to do so with gentle encouragement and subtle suggestion, rather than a disciplinarian, controlling approach.  When confronted with any sort of outside control, Brad would likely slip into some sort of defiant posturing.
Brad functions best when he takes the time to survey the options of life.  He has a good understanding of the qualities of a variety of topics and people.  If given the time to examine and learn the fundamentals, his natural instincts blossum.  When directed or cohersed, he becomes disconcerted, sullen or even outwardly defiant.  He's very good at the leading edge of any project...or romantic relationship.  His challenge is to find effective methods of continuing them.  That can include finding the correct partner and/or learning to accept encouragement and compromise.
New adventures intrigue him and give him energy.  He has a particular affinty to the sea, and extended vacations in a beachside resort do wonders to keep his life in balance.  A walk along a sandy beach is much more conducive to his fundamental happiness than bright city lights.
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