Force 2012 - The Ancient Cycle of Time...and your place in it
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We've just begun to build our website.  As time goes on, more information will provided.  However, the most exciting aspect of Force 2012 is the capability to provide our viewers with highly accurate personality descriptions.  In order to provide these details we need only a birthdate(Month/Day/Year).  The year must be accurate.  No time of birth is necessary.  If you'd like a response you only need to give us your first name and email address.
There are several hundred basic profiles.  At the current time, I'm putting together a database of those profiles.  Until that data base is completely full, I'll be providing some of those profiles free of charge.  When the database is completely full, there will be a nominal charge for profiles.  Until then...well...consider it a freebie.  It takes a little while to write one out, so give it a few days/week to get a response back on a request.  And please, only one free profile per person.
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