Force 2012 - The Ancient Cycle of Time...and your place in it
Force  2012
Force 2012 is about the grand cycles of time.  The ancient Mayans have long predicted that our current cycle of time will end in December of 2012.  Some fear that means the end of the world.  Others contend that the world will move into a new cycle.  There is growing evidence that this cycle began nearly 13,000 years ago.  The mention of a remarkably similar 13,000 year time cycle can also be found in ancient Tibetan writings.  A growing abundance of modern scientific and astronomical evidence indicates that our planet, sun and solar system will pass through the galactic equater in 2012.  Many speculate that such an occurrence could very well tilt the axis of our earth, creating all sorts of changes and shifts. 
In short, December 2012 will usher in a new cycle.  Depending on exactly which theory you subscribe to, that cycle is just under 13,000 years long or just under 26,000 years long.  Those predicting an "end to the world" are likely  mistaken.  The world didn't end 13,000 years ago or 26,000 years ago, or 13 or 26 thousand years before that or before that.
It's a cycle.  We're coming up on a new cycle.  It won't happen in one day or even one year.  It's been gradually coming on for a decade or so.  As we approach December 2012 the changes will likely become more evident.  And even after December of 2012, it will take another decade or two before a long term stabalization settles in.
A new cycle can very easily be viewed as the beginning of a golden age, especially with respect to a state of collective consciousness of the world's population.  That doesn't necessarily mean that there won't be some shifts and changes, especially with respect to geological and geographical shifts.  As our solar system becomes realigned in the galaxy, the electromagnetic field surrounding the earth will gradually shift.  Because much of the earth's molten core is iron, it will cause movement in that molten core.  As it moves deep within the earth, the earth's crust we live on will be shifted and disturbed.  Increased volcanic activity as well as an increased number and intensity of earthquakes can be expected over the coming years.  The electromagnetic shift will also affect weather patterns.  One only needs to look at what's been happening weather wise to see that trend already developing.
The information, the mathematics and the nature of the Force 2012 knowledge comes more directly from the Tibetan source.  As much as the lineage of this information is Tibetan, it is amazingly in line with the time line and cyclical nature of Mayan scripture.  It is fair to assume that the original information for the calendars of these ancient societies was derived from the same source, even though no empirical evidence exists that these ancient cultures even knew each other existed.
There are obviously countless questions that can be asked about the sources and derivations concerning Force 2012 as well as the ancient Mayan and Tibetan cultures.  Rather than an exploration of the historical aspects of this ancient wisdom, Force 2012 provides accurate personality characteristic descriptions based on 3, 9, 12, and 108 year time cycles.  The accuracy of the descriptions provided gives validity to its mystical origins.
Joe Homsey  -- Joe, a native of Pennsylvania, went through a long series of traumatic experiences as a young child.  In order to escape the pain of these experiences, Joe learned to move his conscious state of awareness out of his body.   As his life progressed, various difficult experiences kept that skill honed to a fine edge.  At one point Joe's conscious state of awareness not only moved out of the physical body,but beyond the wall of time.  He learned various techniques and exercises to achieve the paranormal states of awareness without the need for trauma and pain.  He employs this skill in his application of the mathematics of Force 2012 and it enables him to provide an individual with a dimension of insight that goes beyond the mathematical analysis of Force 2012.
Andrew Coates  -- Andy is the source for the mathematical nature and precision of Force 2012.  A native of Brisbane, Australia, Andy spent decades studying various Far Eastern mystical disciplines, including Chi Gung, Tai Chi, Fueng Shui, acupuncture and Chinese medicine.  It was during his detailed and grueling study of acupuncture that he began having nightly dreams where he was instructed by a old Chinese master.  In these dreams, he was shown how the various meridians in the body operated.  The energy or "chi" of these meridians had a source.  He was told that the uniqueness of each individual's "chi" ocurrs as a result of cyclical patterns.  Andy was also provided the mathematical formulas that allow these cycles to be identified and therefore predicted.  Andy spent years transcribing this information.
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