Force 2012 - The Ancient Cycle of Time...and your place in it

 Huge Development -- The cause of cancer that I saw in a 1973 Future Vision experience is now being accepted by medical oncology experts as accurate. Details of that vision is included on the "Future Vision" page.

Force 2012 provides the individual with simple, easy to understand descriptions of our greatest personality strengths and attributes.  These personality descriptions are derived from an analysis of ancient time cycles that are found on a 4000 year old Tibetan calendar.  These descriptions also identify areas where we most often encounter challenges, and it tells us what kind of environment circumstances are most conducive for optimum results.
Force 2012 is a window into the intricate nature of the grand cycles of time.  Whether you've happened upon this quest from a study of ancient Mayan, Tibetan or Egyptian teachings, or whether you've glimpsed these truths through your own personal experiences, it is our fondest wish that your visit here brings you additional insight and wisdom.
To demonstrate what a Force 2012 personality description looks like we've provided the contrasting personality profiles of some well known political personalities(Barack Obama and Mitt Romney), and to illustrate how Force 2012 profiles can reveal hidden trouble spots in a romantic relationship, we've included the side by side profiles of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt.  Although these profile descriptions are brief and don't include all aspects of a typical Force 2012 profile, they do provide the viewer with some interesting and thought provoking insight.
Knowing who you are can be vital when it comes to realizing your greatest potential.  Not only can we accomplish the tangible physical goals of life, we can be much more emotionally and mentally healthy while enroute to achieving our greatest potential. 
The Force 2012 readings are generated from the mathematics and cycles of ancient Tibetan calendar and the insights gained through extended and repeated ventures into the mystical realms beyond the physical.  Those ventures sometimes arrive as a gift, and sometimes they arrive through steeled determination developed by overcoming adversity.
We hope to see you again!  Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!
At the end of information there is knowledge
At the end of knowledge there is wisdom
And at the end of wisdom there is Love
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